Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why I don't regret voting 3rd party

Ive been thinking I would just keep my mouth shut today but I'm going to put this here because I need to say at least this.

I voted 3rd party and I know a lot of people are upset with people, like me who made that choice. But let me tell you why I did it and why I don't regret it.

I live in Utah where politicians don't pay much attention to us because we only have 6 little electoral votes and we haven't gone anything but red in 50 years. I'm pretty sure it would take God himself coming to Utah to ask them to vote a different way before you would see it happen. And even then I don't have much faith in them. But with the democratic candidate being so pro things like LATE TERM abortion it's hard to come to terms with in a state that is dead set pro family(which I could have a lot to say about but this isn't what this post is about). Anyway.. this brings me to point one: I felt like Utah had a better chance going purple than blue.

I wanted utah to go purple to stand up for something! I knew in reality it probably wouldn't make a difference to the outcome (and it wouldn't have). But I want to see change in the parties. This was my best option to be a part of that change in Utah.

I also didn't feel dirty voting for who I voted for, of course I don't agree with EVERY statement or belief he had but I liked him as a person and liked a great majority of what he was standing for. And honestly you will never find someone who you agree with 100% unless of course you run yourself.

I voted in a way that I could tell my children about and help me to teach them to look up to great people and not settle for someone who will belittle them, or teach them that breaking the law and endangering others is okay. I don't regret voting 3rd party just on this principle. I may not be able to tell my kids look at this man who is our president and be like him, but I can tell them I stood for what I believed in. And I hope someday more people will be brave enough to do the same.

Although if you ask me if I would've voted differently in a state that might have an impact I'd have to say I would have. Which makes me a little sad. Which is hard to explain. But I live where I live and this was the best way for me to make a stand. It wasn't to hurt anyone and I wish it would have worked. But I did what I could.

All of this being said I'm not giving up on our country. I won't stop teaching my kids that love trumps hate. I won't stop hoping for unity in our great nation. I will strive to find a way to make the world a better place even if it's only in the lives of the small majority of people I personally come in contact with.  All I can do is MY personal best. And hope it rubs off on my children and there are 2 more who do their personal best. I will continue to pray for ways to help others and for hearts to be softened and people to come together. I won't loose faith or myself.  Much love, much respect for whatever your beliefs are. Stay positive and love your life.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday ramblings

I don't think it's much of a secret that church things haven't been great for me lately. I do believe in God. But I believe that any religion that brings you closer to God and gives you peace is right for you. I don't believe there is only ONE true church. I don't believe any church has all the truth. I do believe families are eternal and not just for here on earth. But the following ramblings is one of the biggest things I've been struggling with. 

Every time I talk to anyone about issues I have with the church I get some form of just follow and it will work out. But here's the thing.. We believe that in the preexistance there was a war between satan and jesus. Satans point of view was 'send me! I will make them all see the way it is and they will obey.' Or essentially I will create zombies who just follow. Where as Jesus' point of view was 'send me! I will teach them and they will be able to choose.' Or we can research and find our own way. So I'm not saying the things the church are teaching are leading us or anyone to hell BUT which plan does just follow and it will work out seem to follow along with. 

There are things I LOVE about the church but I feel like there's so much hate in the world and some of the things the people in the church do or teach isn't loving. And any research into church history isn't comforting, which we're not supposed to do because we should just follow. Any way that's only a slight scratch into my thoughts that run much deeper but i don't want to get into it that much. Not yet anyway. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Going out more often!

We have a trip coming up in July to go see 311 in Vegas. I know big shocker, us going to another 311 show😉. We were only going to go for one night to save some money but we decided we'll only live once and we're going for 2 nights! I'm going to miss my kiddos like crazy but I'm so excited to get out there and do more.

I've been thinking a lot about it lately and a lot of times we don't go do things because of money but I think we're going to try harder to GOMO (go out more often) instead of spending money on things. 

A few of our ideas are:

1. Vacations, we've got a few planned. Vegas, Michigan, hopefully a cruise in March. 

2.lagoon! We bought season passes and plan to use them as much as possible this summer.

3. Hikes. This one doesn't even typically cost anything and it's a great way to spend time with family. We'll probably do lots of walks and spending time at the playground this summer too.

4. I put my son into a summer day camp that lasts a week that I found on groupon. 

5. And I'm looking into a strider bike race for the kids that I found through eventbrite. Which is a pretty great place to go if you're looking for actives going on near you! Evenbrite allows you to create your own events, sell tickets, and RSVP to events.

What ways are you going to GOMO? 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Here's some TMI just for you!

So my amazing friend Aubrey has found out recently that she has endometriosis. So I'm doing this post for her. Periods should be talked about. Not just the bad ones but the normal ones. I'm not posting any of this to brag, so hopefully it doesn't come off like that. But I feel like women should know what is normal and what is not.

I'm pretty sure I'm more on the normal side. And while I'm sure everyone is different I just want to share a story from the normal side. 

First of all cramps. Yes I have them. Yes they suck, but they don't disrupt my life. I remember in high school having days where they were so bad I'd lay on the bathroom floor of our 80 some odd year old high school. Which is pretty gross and they put me on birth control to 'normalize' my hormones. And once I found a bc that didn't make me bat shit crazy, it worked. I went from 7 day periods with terrible cramps to 3 day periods with bearable cramps that could be controlled with minimal pain meds. 

I stayed on bc until after I was married and we were ready for kids. I was terrified to quit, thinking the 7 day periods and horrible cramps would come back. But they didn't. I stayed with 3 to 4 day periods and manageable cramps. It took us almost a year after quitting to get pregnant but even after my pregnancy my periods stayed 3-4 days. 

I have crazy PMS. I feel like a ticking time bomb that gets more and more wound up until I actually start my period. I get bloated and have a hard time not eating everything! I feel like I want punch evryone and tell them all they suck. I get pretty down on myself and just feel like I need to crawl out of my skin. It starts about a week prior to my period but doesn't get super bad until a day or 2 before. I can always tell the day right before because I should be locked in a room by myself and not allowed to talked to anyone! It's bad. As soon as my period starts its like a release. I still have the food cravings but everything else kind of winds down. So in a weird way I'm always happy to see my period start. And maybe that's weird and not 'normal' I don't know, but I haven't killed anyone... Yet.

So that's pretty much my normal. What's your normal? Let's talk about it.. Let's let girls know when something should be looked at more closely. Let's teach them when they need to go to a doctor and say no this isn't normal! 

And one more fun thing;) I decided to try softcups this month instead of tampons. I'm honestly a bit scared😁 does anyone else use them? So far they've been fine. I decided to try them because I'd like to switch to the diva cup, because I have this fear of some grand emergency happeneing and having to deal with tampons. Ladies this would be horrible! Anyway what are your thoughts? 

Friday, May 27, 2016


The definition of crazy is doing something over and over and expecting different results. Well I'm pretty sure all moms are bat shit crazy. 

I spend my days cleaning up messes, that will surely be returned 10 fold within 5 minutes, expecting things to stay clean for I don't know at least one day. Making meals that will get looked at with disgusted faces and barely get eaten, expecting my kids to finally go to bed without saying 'but I'm hungry!' Aw I love being mom but I hope they're saving me a good padded cell in the nut house.

How do all you moms deal with the crazy?  I know I could use a few extra arms and a few extra hours after bedtime. 

But also look my house is clean for the next 2 minutes. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hard days

I'm not perfect. No one is. But today has been rough. I'm not sure if it's that I'm not feeling very well, or that Mother's Day made me think about my angel baby who would be turning 2 this month, or if it's that my son has told me a thousand times he's bored today which makes me feel like a lame mom. But anyway turn up the music and hopefully turn things around tomorrow.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 🌷

I have so many great examples of mothers in my life. 

Starting with mom, my first example of motherhood. I'm so grateful for her. She's always there when you need her. 

My step mom has been a blessing in our lives and we're glad she's a part of our family! 

My mother-in-law raised quiet an amazing man. I'm glad for her strong influence in his life.

I've had sweet grandmothers and amazing great-grandmothers. My grandmas never got to meet my children but I'm grateful for my husbands grandmother and her role in my children's lives.

So many friends who have many different struggles but always make motherhood look so good:) 

I've been blessed with faboulous aunts.

And amazing sisters who are aunts to my children. 

Thank you to all the ladies who are an example to me! 

Being a mom has been one of the greatest things I've done in life. My kids bless my life daily. I'm grateful for the 2 I get raise here on earth and the one who I will meet on the other side. 

My favorite Mother's Day story so far is my son came into my room yesterday and found where daddy had hidden my gift. He was so excited about it. He pulled it out and brought me the grocery bag holding it out with a huge grin. 'Momma here's your super surprise!' I looked over at him and said 'oh baby I think that's for tomorrow.' And he looked so dejected it broke my heart. So I grabbed him in a big hug and told him I was excited to see it tomorrow. He gave me a big kiss and told me loved me. 

When I woke up this morning he said 
'Mom I left you sleep, open your present now!' I'm so happy to have these angels in my life!