Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why I don't regret voting 3rd party

Ive been thinking I would just keep my mouth shut today but I'm going to put this here because I need to say at least this.

I voted 3rd party and I know a lot of people are upset with people, like me who made that choice. But let me tell you why I did it and why I don't regret it.

I live in Utah where politicians don't pay much attention to us because we only have 6 little electoral votes and we haven't gone anything but red in 50 years. I'm pretty sure it would take God himself coming to Utah to ask them to vote a different way before you would see it happen. And even then I don't have much faith in them. But with the democratic candidate being so pro things like LATE TERM abortion it's hard to come to terms with in a state that is dead set pro family(which I could have a lot to say about but this isn't what this post is about). Anyway.. this brings me to point one: I felt like Utah had a better chance going purple than blue.

I wanted utah to go purple to stand up for something! I knew in reality it probably wouldn't make a difference to the outcome (and it wouldn't have). But I want to see change in the parties. This was my best option to be a part of that change in Utah.

I also didn't feel dirty voting for who I voted for, of course I don't agree with EVERY statement or belief he had but I liked him as a person and liked a great majority of what he was standing for. And honestly you will never find someone who you agree with 100% unless of course you run yourself.

I voted in a way that I could tell my children about and help me to teach them to look up to great people and not settle for someone who will belittle them, or teach them that breaking the law and endangering others is okay. I don't regret voting 3rd party just on this principle. I may not be able to tell my kids look at this man who is our president and be like him, but I can tell them I stood for what I believed in. And I hope someday more people will be brave enough to do the same.

Although if you ask me if I would've voted differently in a state that might have an impact I'd have to say I would have. Which makes me a little sad. Which is hard to explain. But I live where I live and this was the best way for me to make a stand. It wasn't to hurt anyone and I wish it would have worked. But I did what I could.

All of this being said I'm not giving up on our country. I won't stop teaching my kids that love trumps hate. I won't stop hoping for unity in our great nation. I will strive to find a way to make the world a better place even if it's only in the lives of the small majority of people I personally come in contact with.  All I can do is MY personal best. And hope it rubs off on my children and there are 2 more who do their personal best. I will continue to pray for ways to help others and for hearts to be softened and people to come together. I won't loose faith or myself.  Much love, much respect for whatever your beliefs are. Stay positive and love your life.

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