Friday, November 4, 2011

Why the radio (or well... Internet) silence?!

Everyone keeps asking where I've gone. Why I haven't posted lately. Well I'm ready to tell. I'm super horrible at keeping secrets. So I figured if you can't keep it quiet don't say anything at all! I know I know that's supposed to be if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. Am I rambling? Is it driving you crazy? Do you want to know what the big secret is?

Drum roll.......................

Yup We're having Baby number 1!! We've been keeping quiet and we were going to wait until 12 weeks to tell most people but like I said.. I suck at keeping secrets, so I'll answer a few frequently asked questions!


  1. How far along are you? : I am 10 weeks. and I'm due on June 1st 2012
  2. Are you going to find out what you're having?: Yes we are but we probably won't know until sometime after Christmas.
  3. Did you know you'll be 6 months pregnant for 311 day?: Yes I do and no you can NOT have my ticket I will need that last get away :)
  4. What are you going to name the baby/Have you thought of any names?: We have talked names and we're not sharing.
  5. How have you been feeling?: Sick, I hate all food everything is gross. One night my toothbrush tasted Old and it made me extremely ill for 2 hours. Excited to have this cute little person who is half me and half Hubs. On edge, all I want to do is sleep, read, or sleep. But I can't sleep because our neighbors dog is the devil. If he goes missing it wasn't my fault!
Anyway... If you have other questions ask! and I'll be back to blog now that I know I won't slip up.


Becky said...

I have MISSED YOU!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! HURRAY!!!!!! Going to be the cutest baby ever! ♥

I think you should name the baby Bella :) ;)

My guess is a girl.

I am so excited!

Ok, so I swear - last time I am moving my blog in case you didn't already know, here is my new location for my blog : I know I know, like the third time I've moved it in 1 year. :) This one [I think] will stick. Pretty sure... ;)

MY QUESTION is... what food do you crave? Can you feel the baby?

Andrea said...

LOL I'll fix your blog info.

Thanks we're excited! I haven't been craving anything really but apples every once and a while. I can't feel the baby yet... just sickness :)


Brandon and Lindsey said...

YAHOO!!! Totally excited for you guys! Babys are awesome! Can't wait to meet the little one!!!! Love you guys!

Andrea said...


Aubrey Anne said...

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys have been married for, like, FOREVER!! lol I love you and I can't wait to find out what we're having so we can start buying stuff!

Andrea said...

Lol so far everyone is guessing girl except Seth my brother in law and one nephew.

Miken said...

congrats andrea! so exciting! :)

Andrea said...

Thanks Miken!